Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How do you say 911 in German?

This is an important question. At some point you may need to call the police or an ambulance. Do you know what number to call?

I was walking home from work very late one evening and I saw someone trying to open some cars that were parked on the street. He didn't notice that I was a good 20 paces behind him so I started walking even more slowly. Then I realized that I didn't know how to call the police. So, I called a friend. Now I know that 110 is the number for the police. It doesn't matter what area code your mobile phone has, this number works everywhere. So, go ahead and program it into your phone.

So, here is a list of the most important number for you to remember and to write down (or print out):

Emergency Services
110 Police
112 Fire Department
1 92 22 Rescue/Ambulance
0711 - 70 10 70 German Rescue Helicopters
0551 / 19 240 OR 0551 / 38 31 80 Poisoning (
0180 - 2 22 22 22 ADAC (the German AAA)
0180 - 2 34 35 36 ACE (the European AAA)
0180 - 25026 Central Call Center for Auto Insurers
0180 - 5 10 11 12 ADAC: Travel Calling (This is an emergency way of finding someone while they are travelling on vacation.)
0800 - 111 01 11 Suicide Prevention

To block your mobile phone (in case of theft):
D1 01803/ 30 22 02
D2 - Vodafone 0172/ 12 12
E-Plus 0177/ 10 00
O2 (VIAG-Interkom) 0800/ 55 222 55

To block your credit card (in case of theft):
069/ 79 20 13 33
900 974 445 (International)

069/ 75 76 10 00
900 971 231 (International)

American Express
069/ 97 97 40 00

01805 / 021 021

069/ 79 33 19 10
001/ 31 42 75 66 90 (International)

Diners Club
069/ 26 03 50
0180/ 2 34 54 54 (International)


Carol said...

Great idea -- thanks! I printed it out to take with us


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Karl-Marx-Straße said...

110 will work for the police, fire and ambulance, and as the fire brigades tend to run the ambulance services, 112 will work for both. There's also another number for blocking *all* credit/debit cards etc., but I don't know for the life of me what it is. It's listed in telephone boxes.

And to readers in a different part of Germany to John G, the poisioning etc. numbers vary from region to region...

Martina said...

The number to block all credit cards is: 116 116

This number only works within Germany. From outside of Germany you have to call each credit card company individually.

See here:

Nicolette said...

Great blog. Really useful stuff. I remember being rather freaked out the first time that I realized I didn't know the number for "911" here. Cheers!

click clack gorilla

Anonymous said...

Don't call 19222 for emergency rescue. This is legacy number which in most german states won't connect you to emergency anymore but only to "sick person transportation". In most states 112 is fine (as the rescue services are most often handled/dispatched by the fire brigades), while in some 110 (police) still shall be used.

To make it simple: Just call 112 for emergency rescue, they can forward you. Don't call 19222: It does not have priority call handling (unlike 110 and 112).

You should also notice that 112 is the only number which can be reached from any (GSM) mobile phone even without knowing the PIN (or without a SIM card inserted), also 112 calls from mobile phones will be handled with absolute priority. If necessary, another call will be cut-off, also the call will not be ended even if the signal fades too low (and would normally be forcefully ended therefore).

Anonymous said...

martina: Untrue. 116 116 works from abroad as well, just call +49 116 116 (but this won't be toll free as in germany). In cases where this really does not work, you can call the normal number +49 30 40504050.

Nicolette said...

more blogs please!

Griff said...
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Pecos Blue said...

Good to know. Never would have thought of it.

ReluctantYankee said...

Just discovered your blog this evening....I hope we will have the pleasure of seeing more posts from you!

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Hockey Wife said...

WOW! SO glad I found this ... great info! Moving back to Germany in the fall with my hockey playing husband and two year old.

Rava said...

Actually, 1 92 22 is only valid in some States of Germany, whereas in others the 112 is for Fire Department and Rescue / Ambulance...
For more info look here.